Casino Share NFTs- Plata-O-Crypto

Casino Share NFTs- Plata-O-Crypto 5

Plata-O-Crypto are releasing their hugely exciting casino share NFTs. We believe the gameplay and improvements that Plata-O-Crypto have made to classic crypto games means that it’ll already hold its own in the space, but the addition of shares in the project make it both a casino and NFT project with a point of difference that already puts it well ahead of it’s peers.

But a really exciting aspect of this project is the opportunity to share in the success of the casino by purchasing ‘shares’ in the form of NFTS. 

Now, I know NFTs have their critics, and to be quite honest I’m dubious about the large majority of projects in the space right now.

But as a bare concept, NFTs essentially provide a foolproof form of digital ownership. Now, I lose interest when all they do is give me ownership of a 2D cartoon animal.

However Plata-O-Crypto shares give you ownership of an actual, revenue creating asset, which is where I see the true future in NFTs going. 

How do Casino Share NFTs work?

There will be 10,000 casino share NFTs (below) available to purchase at $1000 a share. After purchase, owners can either hold them to receive daily payouts in Bitcoin, or can sell them on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea. 


Payouts to investors will be based on volume of bets places rather than profits of the casino. While more volume usually equals more profit for casinos, the house doesn’t win them all! Investors being paid out based on volume will give them an extra little bit of BTC daily in their wallet. 

1% of total value of bets placed will be split equally between the holders of NFTs. Now this doesn’t seem like much at a glance, but let’s do some maths on similar projects:


Released in 2017, BustaDice had a total of over 120000 BTC wagered in its first year. If the Plata-O-Crypto Casino matches this same volume, investors would take home a tidy 0.12 BTC after the first year. Bear in mind that the crash game is the only game offered at BustaDice, whereas Plata-O-Crypto investors will see returns from multiple games. 

image 16


Released in 2015, PrimeDice had over 1.4m BTC wagered in its first year! That volume would equate to a massive 1.4 BTC return for casino share NFT investors per share in its first year!!

image 17

Pretty solid returns right? And the option to either hold or sell an actual passive income generating asset is a great bonus. 

All investors in Plata-O-Crypto Casino Share NFT’s receive their own dashboard with earnings, as well as access to regular AMAs ( Ask Me Anything) with the project owners.

This creates a solid link between management and shareholders, and with the level of innovation seen from the team so far, we can’t wait to see how far these casino share NFTs go! 

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