The Crypto Crash game has only been around for a short time, but has already gathered many players.  Developed with cryptocurrency flows in mind, the game has become extremely popular among players due to the tongue in cheek similarities between the game and the cryptocurrency market. Crash game, get it?

      This simple yet exciting game is now available in many blockchain casinos, however we believe that the best online casino to play the crash crypto game is Plata O Crypto. They have made huge improvements to a pretty basic game, including 3D graphics and lightning quick payouts.

They also have an option to invest in the casino and get paid out daily in BTC. You can find more about that here!

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What is the Crash Crypto Game?

Crash is a relatively new casino game, and crypto enthusiasts with a higher risk tolerance have been flocking to it for the same reason most people get into cryptocurrencies- the potential for a high return in a very short space of time.

The crash crypto game takes place over a series of ongoing rounds. Once a player places a bet, they are automatically included in the next round.

When the round begins, players will see a multiplier on screen that increases at a faster and faster rate. Players can cash out at any point in time, and will be rewarded with their bet times the multiplier shown on screen.

Plata O Crypto Crash Crypto Game

What’s The Catch?

If you think that sounds a bit too easy, well it is. At any point in time, the game can ‘crash’ and any players that haven’t cashed out lose their bets. This can happen at any time after the round begins, as soon as the multiplier gets above 1x.

So, as previously mentioned the crash crypto game is extremely high risk high reward gambling. It is not uncommon however, to see the multiplier increase well over 100x. It is this opportunity for large payouts that has players coming back to the game at a rate of 98.5%.

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This game definitely isn’t for everyone! However us online gamblers tend to have a larger appetite for risk than others out there- especially those that trade cryptocurrencies. If nothing else, I can guarantee that the crash game is a lot of fun! Plata O Crypto has very small minimum wagers so feel free to put a couple of little bets on and see how it works! Who knows, you could turn that $10 into $1000 in just a few seconds!

Good Luck!