Online Casinos in PA are completely legal, as opposed to many other states in the USA. This has naturally led to a huge interest in online casinos in PA, as players can pretty much play what they want, when they want!

Casinos themselves are nothing new in the United States. And in a country where legendary gambling hotspots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City exist, it’s not unexpected that gamers want to enjoy one of the oldest pastimes from the comfort of their own homes.

Gambling has a long and convoluted history in the United States. Different regulations in different states exacerbate the problem, however in Pennsylvania online gambling has been legal since 2017. This has unsurprisingly led to a massive boom in interest in online casinos in PA in the last 5 years.

The gambling industry as a whole in PA continues to grow, and the PA Gaming Control Board recently announced that March 2022 was the highest overall revenue achieved in a single month at $462,740,098.

However, with hundreds of options now available to Pennsylvania players, trying to find a suitable online casino in PA can be daunting. Lucky for you’ve we’ve picked a selection of our favourites that stand out from the crowd for completely different reasons. Enjoy!

How to Play at All Online Casinos in PA

Despite the legality of gambling in PA, some online casinos based overseas still restrict players. As a proponent of free consumer choice, it would be remiss of me not to highlight that there is a relatively simple way to get around this.

To get over restrictions, millions of players in PA and across the United States simply utilize a VPN. VPNs simply change your IP address, allowing you to access websites that would otherwise be unavailable. There are plenty free VPNs available that will suffice.

Top Online Casinos in PA

Royal Ace

Royal Ace Gaming has been providing gamers with a fantastic all-around online casino experience since 2009. Players can choose to play online or download the desktop software for a more convenient experience.

Royal Ace has the advantage of being able to provide very competitive bonuses because it is a more established casino. Their current welcome incentive is a deposit match of 200 percent. Players who want to boost their cash right away will be interested in this.

A large array of classic casino games are available, including slots and several table game variations. They have a free play option, which I recommend everyone try first. Different games suit certain players more than others! So take advantage of the free play and bonus to see what works best for you!

Royal Ace is an excellent choice if you want a trustworthy, well-established casino.

Royal Ace Casino
8.5/ 10
Large Bonuses up to 400% 5 Tier VIP System 24/7 Customer Support Wide Range of Games Multiple Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Sign up bonus
385% Bonus + 35 Free Spins
Join Now

High Country Casino

High Country Casino aspires to provide gamers with a wild west-style casino experience from the convenience of their own homes. You can play online or download a desktop software, just like Royal Ace.

High Country’s perks set it apart from the majority of its competitors. There is no doubt that gamers desire casino bonuses to improve their gaming experience and chances of winning. Players are first greeted with a bonus of up to 500 percent on their first deposit, which is a wonderful start.

They do, however, want you to stay! And it is for this reason that High Country is included on this list: they give fantastic bonuses every week. They have a Monday bonus of 200 percent plus cash back, free spins and chips on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a 300 percent bonus on Wednesdays, and a 250 percent bonus all weekend.

While the High Country website does not appear to be as polished as some of the other casinos on this list, the gaming is quite fluid, and it comes highly recommended by industry professionals. Plus, I’d much rather their money went towards rewarding players! Certain slots jackpots regularly exceed $1 million, making them well worth a try with your free money.

High Country Casino
9/ 10
Large Bonuses Available to USA Players Instant Play or Download Options Free Play Option
Sign up bonus
500% Match Deposit Welcome Bonus With Cash Back
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mbitcasino logo

Recently, mBit Casino has been making waves. Newcomers to cryptocurrency may find this daunting, but players are not required to use coins that fluctuate in value. They accept payments in USDT, a cryptocurrency linked to the US dollar. As a result, 1 USDT will always equal 1 USD, making it easy for gamers to keep track of their account balance.

You’ll need some bitcoin to deposit, but there are many of methods for purchasing cryptocurrency right now.

Whether you are familiar with crypto or not, there are a few advantages to playing at a ‘crypto casino.’ The biggest attraction is the speed of deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are instantaneous, and withdrawals are as instantaneous, thanks to cryptocurrency technology. This is a significant benefit over traditional online casinos in the United States, where withdrawals might take up to two days.

mBit likewise takes a laid-back approach to KCY (know your customer). Anyone can play without revealing too much information about themselves. This can be highly beneficial to players all around the United States.

Online Casinos in PA mBit
Online Casinos in PA 3

Trust Dice

Trust Dice, like mBit, is another cryptocurrency-based casino. Players can, however, use conventional currencies. It’s also accessible in the United States.

If you want to avoid crypto entirely, you’ll have to deposit using a credit card and use Euros to play. However, we advise US players to purchase the aforementioned USDT with US money. Trust Dice provides a wealth of information to guide newcomers in the correct route.

In addition, Trust Dice has a 96 percent instant withdrawal rate. Only if there is a problem, which is rare for the average gambler, will there be a delay.

They feature a large game selection and a high customer satisfaction percentage, making them an excellent choice for online casinos in the United States.

Trust Dice
10/ 10
High Bonuses Unique Games Players Can Use a Wide Range of Crypto Fast Withdrawals Can Claim Free BTC
Sign up bonus
Deposit Bonus up to 3 Free Bitcoin
Join Now

Online Casinos in PA – Conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve assisted you in navigating the vast array of available online casinos in PA. All of the casinos on this list have excellent reputations and distinguish themselves from their competition for various reasons.

Use whichever one feels appropriate to you, and if nothing on this list appeals to you, there are plenty of other alternatives. Check out our complete lists below, and as always, have fun!! That is the whole point.

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