Plata-O-Crypto Casino is bringing major improvements to the most popular BTC casino games around. They have two fantastic initial releases, with plans for more to follow not far after!


3D Crash Game

The bread and butter of this casino, Plata-O-Crypto Casino have made no effort to hide where their inspiration come from for this game. It’s no secret that the crash crypto game has taken the world by storm in recent years, and Plata-O-Crypto acknowledges the work done by early movers such as Bustabit and Ethercrash.

However, Plata-O just think they can do it better. And fair enough!

For those unfamiliar with the classic crypto crash game, it’s a very simple concept. 

Basically, a line with a multiplier moves up the screen, and at any point in time players can cash out their bet and receive back their wager x the multiplier. 

The catch though being that at any point in time after the game starts it can ‘crash’, and any players that haven’t cashed out lose their bets. 

We’ve seen people win on multipliers that exceed over 140x! But we’ve also seen it crash plenty of times between the 1x-2x mark. 

Obviously, this can offer some pretty great returns on players bets! It’s this opportunity that tends to keep people coming back to the crash crypto game. 

Plata-O-Crypto Casino does it better 

Given the popularity of these types of games, I can’t believe that someone hasn’t improved on the gameplay of it yet. Plata-O-Crypto takes that opportunity and has revamped the game with 3D graphics, and a CGI car driving along until you ‘crash’.

It makes for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience, and incorporates the lights, sounds and graphics that make many slots and other online casino games so popular. Who wants to just watch a boring line tick up the screen?


Plata-O-Crypto Casino also offers a player vs player game, where lucky winners will take home some big paydays! 

It’s a pretty simple concept that most people will be familiar with! Basically everyone pools their money and one lucky winner takes all! It’s a familiar game to everyone, but one that has stood the test of time and kept bringing players back week after week. 

Future Releases 

Plata-O have two future releases lined up already, which if they match the quality of their current lineup will be very much ones to look forward to!

The first one is slots, which many online casino players will be more than familiar with! The Casino is looking to add a full lineup of what is the most popular game for online players. 

Player vs Player Poker will also be landing hot on the floor at Plata-O Casino. One of the oldest games in the gambling industry, and is always sure to be a hit amongst players old and new! 


All in all, we’re super excited about Plata-O Casino’s entrance into the online casino space. We’ve talked before about how blockchain technology is the future of online casinos, and POMC is looking to make significant improvements to already hugely popular games. We can’t wait to see it fly! 

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