Plata O Crypto

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Plata O Crypto 3

Plata O Crypto is a new crypto casino thats looking to build on the success of Bitcoin Dice games and create a much more exciting, user friendly experience. 

They’re also offering investors the chance to share in the success of the project through the use of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology.
As of writing, they have a fully functioning (and awesome) crash crypto game, as well as a PvP lottery. There are plans to release slots, PvP poker and more, but initially focusing on one of the most popular games out there is a great way to start.

I know NFTs aren’t everyones cup of tea but don’t roll your eyes just yet! I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to NFTs myself, but I’ll explain how Plata O Crypto have incorporated an actual use case for NFTs to provide an exciting opportunity. 

Prefer to just play? No worries! We’ve got the full rundown of the both the investment and the gameplay aspects below.

Plata O Crypto in our opinion have already made strong improvements to some of the most popular crypto dice games around, and we’re sure it won’t take long to catch on. The incorporation of NFTs is sure to add some intrigue to it regardless of what your stance is on them, and they’ll be adding new games to the lineup very shortly.

We can’t wait to watch them stamp their mark on the online casino industry!

Plata O Crypto