Roobet Crash is fast becoming one of the most popular games for online gamblers. The casino itself has seen a huge increase in popularity due to the increased interest in cryptocurrency casinos, and Roobet Crash is one of it’s flagship games.

Not only that, but gambling online is more popular than ever due to the pandemic and the competitive array of bonuses that the casinos offer.

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So why is Roobet Crash so popular?

Roobet itself is a fantastically set up casino. The site is extremely user friendly, the gameplay is smooth, and they offer near instantaneous deposits and withdrawals.

Most crash games have a RTP rate of around 95%. And that’s nothing to do with the gameplay! The reason that most players flock to Roobet Crash is the chance of a massive return on their wager. Roobet crash has seen payouts of up to 325x their wager in just the 5 minutes prior to writing this article. That’s insane! Check it out below.

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How Does It Work?

For those unfamiliar with crash games, I’ll give a brief rundown. Essentially, players place their bets and when the game starts, a rocket ship will start making it’s way up the screen, showing a multiplier. Players can cash out at any time. When they do, they receive back their wager multiplied by the number on screen.

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The catch though, is that the multiplier can ‘crash’ at any point in time- a tongue in cheek reference to the cryptocurrency markets volatility. All players who haven’t cashed out before that happens will lose their wager.

Roobet Crash

In the above example, any Roobet Crash players that have cashed out before 11.09x would make money on their wager. Any players who haven’t cashed out would lose. Pretty simple right?

Roobet Crash Tips

If you’re serious about trying to make some money from Roobet, my advice would be to only wager between 1-5% of your bankroll on each round.

There are multiple rounds per minute, so you’ll still be well and truly entertained. Bear in mind there are plenty of times that it crashes between 1-2x! So try and figure out some sort of consistent strategy that balances solid returns without being greedy.

Secondly, this is a game of pure luck and nothing else. The incredible popularity of the game has given birth to multiple outlets claiming they have various prediction bots that can somewhat predict when it will crash. This is impossible and I can’t stress this enough! There are no known predictors out there and they will be scams.

There are however, third party coded scripts that you can run automatically. These will perform tasks such as automatically bid and cash out within certain parameters. If you settle on a strategy that you like these could be a good option- although lets be honest, it’s a lot more fun doing it yourself!


All in all, Roobet Crash is simply a really fun game with the potential for some massively high returns. You get to play alongside other players, and can see when they cash and what their winnings are. Remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose, and cash out early from time to time!! Good Luck!

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