The Martingale strategy is widely known amongst gamblers. Even though some betting strategies can increase your odds of winning in the near term, they can never be 100% certain that you will always win. It’s not difficult to comprehend why. Every casino in the nation would go bankrupt in a matter of days if there were a foolproof technique to turn a profit.

Having said that, the Martingale strategy is well-known and highly regarded. Because the Martingale betting strategy is simple to apply and doesn’t require complex arithmetic in between each roulette spin or blackjack hand, casual gamblers in particular prefer it.

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Martingale Roulette System

While you can use the Martingale betting strategy to play blackjack at an online Casino (we recommend Bitstarz for this), it is more frequently employed to play roulette because this game allows you to wager on odds that are as close to 50/50 as possible. At approximately 50/50 chances, you can wager on red or black, odd or even, or the groupings of 1-18 or 19-36 numbers when playing roulette. Technically, though, you don’t get 50/50 because of the green zero.

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It’s easy to use the Martingale system when playing roulette. Start off with a little bet, such as $1. Repeat if you succeed. But the next time, wager $2. Until you win again, you keep doubling your wager. As soon as you do, you start over at $1.

The concept is that you will consistently receive your money back and keep your $1 winnings. While that may be the case, the only way to make a profit using the strategy is to stop using it as soon as you score your first successful victory.

You are not required to place a constant 50/50 wager. For instance, since logic suggests that there is a 50/50 probability of it being black or red at the start of each round, you don’t have to keep backing black until it hits. It is neither more nor less likely that the following number will be red just because the one before it was black.

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Why might the Martingale strategy not work?

Although it is true that you must win a 50/50 wager at some time, you can never predict a strange streak of luck.

Using the Martingale method, doubling your wager after each round can build up quickly. Consider a streak of ten unsuccessful wagers, which is not at that unusual:

We must suppose you can afford to put down a huge $512 by the time the tenth bet rolls around, even if you have already lost $511. And forget about losing another spin; the subsequent needed bet would be $1,024!

However, let’s suppose for a second that you have extremely deep pockets and can continue playing regardless of how high the stakes are until you win a round and receive all of your money back. The problem here is that there will be a table stakes cap in both live and online casinos. What happens if you keep losing and are no longer able to double your bet? The system doesn’t work at that point!

Blackjack Martingale Strategy

In blackjack, you can apply the same strategy: Double your initial stake size after each victory, then start over. The issue with the Martingale strategy in blackjack is that there are other variables at play. Let’s imagine you placed a $4 wager on a hand after losing your previous two. With 11, you want to double down in order to increase your earnings. Although it’s the right blackjack approach, it makes your Martingale method useless.

You would have to give up any opportunity to double down in blackjack or take insurance against a dealer blackjack in order to adhere to the Martingale system. Furthermore, you wouldn’t accept any side bets.

Is the Martingale system profitable?

It might be entertaining to play roulette this way if you can afford to lose a few bets before winning one. If losses keep coming in, though, things can quickly get unpleasant and the required wager might become substantial. Pay attention to the table betting cap as well.

If nothing else, it’s possibly an interesting experiment. But given that nothing can affect where that tiny white ball lands on the wheel, everyone agrees that roulette in particular is a game of luck. Blackjack is a little different from other card games in that you can utilise fundamental blackjack strategy and skill to increase your chances, and using the Martingale betting system will not go well with a winning strategy.

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Free trial of the Martingale strategy

The good news is that we know how you can test the Martingale strategy without cost, and all the info you need is on this website! To essentially have a free swing, use one of the many available online casino sign up bonuses that we’ve collated for you.

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By all means, make a real money deposit and risk your own money if you believe it is working for you. The live dealer tables are more enjoyable.